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Crest 11 lb Cajeta Unsanded Grout

  • $15.99

An unsanded grout, DESIGNED for narrow joints of 1/8” or less, offering a high compressive strength and abrasion, microbial protection and a wide variety of colors. It can be used with porcelain and ceramic tiles, natural stone, glass and mosaic tiles, for interior or exterior installations, on floors and walls.

Features & Benefits

  •  High resistance to compression and abrasion
  •  Excellent for wet and dry areas
  •  Ideal for floors and walls (narrow joint of 1/8 or less [<3 mm])
  •  Smooth and dense consistency
  •  Residential and commercial use
  •  Great stability and consistent colors
  •  Microbial Protection
  •  Less efflorescence


Product description provided by CREST®

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