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Cemix 44 lb PSP Thinset

Cemix 44 lb PSP Thinset

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Reinforced porcelain adhesive

Premium quality

Presentation: 44 lb bag

Product Color: White


  • Ideal for porcelain coating.
  • It mixes with 1.3 gallons of water and forms a homogeneous paste that is applied with a notched trowel on floors, walls and facades to fix coatings up to 24" x 24".
  • Recommended for bonding porcelain, ceramic, marble and natural stone * in tile or plate (* Except: green, red or moisture sensitive marbles). To install stave type formats and large and / or heavy parts, the use of LARGE FORMATS is recommended for better performance.
  • Meets ANSI A118.4.
  • A 44 lb bag yields approximately 64 sq.ft. in pieces up to 6" x 6", 43 sq.ft. in pieces up to 12" x 12" and 31 sq.ft. in large pieces. Performance may vary depending on substrate conditions and / or installation practices.

Recommended Uses:

  • Interior, exterior, horizontal, vertical, residential and commercial.
  • Paste floor on residential floor indoors.
  • To glue on exterior walls or facades, it is recommended to use LARGE FORMATS or AMU.
  • On concrete (cured in 28 days), cement-based mortar surfaces - sand, concrete block, clay block, fiber cement panel, drywall (interior).

Product description provided by CEMIX.

Technical data sheet available here.

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